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This page is the jumping off point for my eclectic life as a disabled person trying to find room in my life to be a writer, lawyer and health advocate and help others.

I'm disabled by Chronic Migraine, but as my health allows I write about health, advocacy and health law-oriented topics at Somebody Heal Me and Migraine.com. I share anything unrelated on my Tumblr, Making My Story a Good One.

As an attorney, advocate and educator, I am passionate about working with other patients as they explore their options for handling the legal issues that arise in life when you live with chronic disease. If you are preparing to apply for Social Security Disability benefits I recommend you download this document with my best advice and tips: Disability Tips.

Diana Lee January 2014
I have lived with Migraine Disease for more than 25 years, and I have lived with disabling Chronic Migraine and occipital neuralgia for 10 years. I also live with diabetes, depression, PCOS and other chronic conditions. I've blogged about living with chronic migraine and other health issues at Somebody Heal Me since 2006. I'm engaged in seeking out news and information about Migraine Disease and related health issues, and I enjoy being able to pass what I learn along to other people. I have discovered that my purpose is to help other people navigate the difficulties of life with chronic illness while also learning how to live my best, most fabulous life in the process. I also write about migraine disease and related legal issues at

Please feel free to contact me at any time on any of these topics. I love interacting with like-minded individuals and exchanging ideas and experiences. You can reach me any time at somebodyhealme@gmail.com.

Diana E. Lee


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