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This page is the jumping off point for my eclectic life as a disabled person trying to find room in my life to be a writer, lawyer and health advocate and help others.

As an attorney, advocate and educator, I am passionate about working with other patients as they explore their options for handling the legal issues that inevitably arise when you live with chronic disease. If you are preparing to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, I can help you navigate the application process, which can be incredibly intimidating and scary. I'm also available to advise you about other legal issues you might be dealing with as a result of chronic health conditions, such as the need for accommodations at work or intermittent leave. Email me at somebodyhealme@gmail.com so we can talk about your needs.

I have lived with Migraine Disease for more than 35 years, and I have lived with disabling Chronic Migraine and occipital neuralgia for 17 years. I also live with diabetes, depression, PCOS, infertility and other chronic conditions. 

For many years, I've been engaged in seeking out news and information about Migraine Disease and related health issues, and I've enjoyed being able to pass what I learn along to other people. After becoming disabled by intractable Chronic Migraine, I lost my sense of purpose and direction in life. But writing about my experiences and sharing my legal knowledge helped me discover a new purpose: Helping other people navigate the difficulties of life with chronic illness while also learning how to live my best, most fabulous life in the process.

From 2006 - 2014, I blogged about living with Chronic Migraine and other health issues at my personal blog. I also wrote about Migraine Disease and related legal issues at Migraine.com from the site's inception. When my husband and I had our daughter Harper in June 2014 (after years of heartbreaking infertility), it became impossible for me to care for her and continue writing and advocating on the level to which I'd been engaged. I have missed it more than I can say. Now that she'll be off to Kindergarten in the fall of 2020, assuming school is able to resume at that time, I'm carving out space to get back to writing.

Please feel free to contact me at any time on any of these topics. I love interacting with like-minded individuals and exchanging ideas and experiences. You can reach me any time at somebodyhealme@gmail.com.

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